Who’s the bad boy?

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Who’s the bad boy?

I am sitting in the bus, number 150, that starts out in Camarache, the nuclear plan in Saint Paul Lez Durance. The end of the line is Aix en Provence and there is where I am going. The bus is half empty and that means it’s pretty full. Normally the bus out of Saint Paul is only represented by 2-4 passengers, but in the morning the students are going to the next city, Peyrolles, to study. The weather this morning is a nice 8-10 degrees, Its feels nice. I don’t know about these busses or drivers, not sure who is to blame, but it’s like the bus is going up and down in the gear shifts, braking and clutching all the time. Still I arrive in downtown Aix at around 9 am, prepared to vomit feeling sick after the last few minutes in the bus. But I am a good boy and I hold myself and soon I feel much better.

My bus stop was at the “Fontaine de la Rotonde”. The Fontaine was built from 1860 by a guy called Théophile de Tournadre. It’s about 32 meters wide and 12 meters high. Surrounded by lions, swans and other creatures. I have an appointment at the sub city hall in the old part of downtown. I will walk even this is a hardship for me (you will soon find out). To get to the city hall I walk down “Cours Mirabeau” that starts out at the fontaine. Its only around 450 meters long, but more than 40 meters wide. Its one of the most popular places in town. Full of cafes and restaurant, well known in history buy French famous Paul Cezanne, Emilie Zola and Albert Camus.

I will walk side by side with history full of buildings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. I walk, rather, I hardly walk. I have these undescribed feelings or sensations in my hips, back and legs. But as experienced I am about these feelings I sit at the benches on Cours Maribeau and relax for a minute or so. So it goes till at Rue Thiers at the end of Mirabeau. I pass the “Collége des Precheurs” one of the many schooling institutions in town. For me I don’t know if I really pay attention to the beautiful house, streets and even people. My leg, especially the left one, is beginning to get this sleeping feeling. It’s like a moving curse in my lower body, its uncontrollable. Its nots a nice feeling. It’s not a pain, it’s a discomfort that makes you feel bad about yourself and the lack of solution.

I arrive at the sub city hall (sub meaning its not the main city hall, but just one of many sub city halls) on Rue Mignet. My left leg, bottom and med private parts are sleeping. I need to sit down. The distance of 1,12 kilometers, from the bus stop to the city hall, took 34 minutes according to my gps on my LG smart phone. What is going on?

After doing my business I have to go to the supermarket and I have a bus to catch at noon. I body is now all relaxed after around one hour of waiting at the city hall. But the thing is I never know if the bad indescribable feelings are coming back. And they did.

I managed to return on the same route in 30 minutes for 1,06 minutes. I am not in pain. I am in distress, I feel bad and I miss all the good things around me. Why do I have these bad atypical symptoms?

I know what it is. It’s all due to diabetes. Yes, I am diabetic, Type 2, all depending on insulin and other medicines. And my doctors in Denmark has concluded that the bad boy is diabetes. The bad boy cannot be removed; he has to be hold in check. So I have to live with these feelings. At the same time, I see myself somehow privileged that I have the possibility to see this beautiful city of Aix en Provence. I enjoy the sights very much and taking my pictures even that I feel bad about my physical condition.

I feel lucky and so far so good. I, till a certain point, control the bad boy.

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