Is it safe?

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Is it safe?

I have spent 9 months in France, in Provence. I lived in a very small town called Saint Paul Lez Durance. It’s not a secret that France is in the high alert due to the terror threat. Paris and Nice are just a few of the many incidents in France.

I might say, selfishly, that the small town of Saint Paul is not a threat to anyone, so living in this city was quiet and save. But then again the public schools, also in Saint Paul, had anti terror training, meaning how to behave in case of attacks. Also when my son was on an excursion with the school we (parents) should sign declarations saying that our son is our responsibility in case of attacks. Sounds scary.

A few times a week I was in Aix-en-Provence and of course the security (police and military) was increased. On one hand it felt good to feel safer but then again a scary thought, that the next attack perhaps will come right here.

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