Cowboys and Indians in Brazil

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Cowboys and Indians in Brazil

• 75 killings in the Metropolitan Area of Vitoria since Saturday 04/02-2017
• 200 cars stolen on Monday 06/02-2017
• 1200 soldiers are taken over the police work

The Capital of the Brazilian state Esperito Santo Vitoria is living like in a western movie, with shootings and gun fighting in the streets, even with the military patrolling. The population does not leave their homes and the streets are deserted. Even with the arrival of the National Forces and Army military in The Greater Vitoria, the violence’s continues. I the morning of the 7th of February a car was set on fire in the hills, a fire fight was registered in the old town of Vitoria, Vila Velha, and a supermarket was robbed. The local busses is starting out again, but the population is too afraid to leave their house.

The state of Esperito Santo is without law enforcement because family members of the local police are blocking the police stations. The families are asking for increase of salary on behalf of their police families. Police are not allowed to go on strike in Brazil. Therefore, the families of the police officers are taking the situation in their hands to get better conditions for the police.

Since Saturday 4th of February the state is seeing violence, death, and robberies. So far 75 violent deaths have been recorded in greater Vitoria compared to 4 death in the whole of January 2017, says the Civil Police. The government has not commented the situation.

The first soldiers from the national Security Force arrived in Esperito Santo early Monday. The will join the military who also will be on the streets.

The Police Department for Assault and Robberies are packed in Vitoria. There are so many victims that a driver has been waiting for a full day just to be able to make a report.
In the streets, the climate is one of fear and insecurity. Many shops do not even open the doors, schools are without classes, medical clinics and banks closed. The local busses began again only with military in the bus terminals. In downtown Vitoria no shops wanted to open the doors, In Gloria, in the old town of Vila Velha, shops were closed due to fear. “Today I am too afraid to take the risk, because where is the police”, said Maria da Penha a local shop owner. In Santa Rita, also in Vila Velha, criminals broke into a shoe store, broke class and fled with everything. On video from the security camera you can see a woman carrying as many sandals as she could. There are no safety on the streets, everybody is afraid, impossible to work today, said saleswoman Jordana Lopes.

Trash in the streets. Without basic services, garbage is piling up at the corners. The collection post is full and the bags were scattered across several points of the Greater Vitory. The City of Vitória said that the service is getting back to normal. In several parts of town has already been normalized.

Understanding the problems in Esperito Santo: The police are asking for better salaries, benefits and better conditions and in general considering the poor working conditions. Since police are not allowed to strike the families went to block the police stations so no police car could get out. The blockade began Saturday 4th. Since the 4th og February 75 violent death has been registered the greater Vitoria. Schools and medical clinics are closed. No shops are open since Monday 6th. 1200 soldiers from the Armed Forces are acting as police in the greater Vitoria.

Source: Globo 07/02/17

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