Old people suffering in Rio

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Old people suffering in Rio

How far can government, politicians, people in power go with no respect for others. Me as a dane, living 15 years i Brazil, have always seen Brazilians respecting the elderly. I would like to continue to believe so….

The only public nursing home in Rio, The Cristo Redendor, might close due to “the government do not pay the bills”.

The nursing home, Cristo Redendor in Rio de Janeiro, is in chaos. It is the state’s only public shelter for the elderly. The 300 elderly people already hospitalized depend 24 hours on attention and medical care for the most part. These 300 elderly people are only able to eat thanks to the generosity of people, who were touched and moved by this fact and therefore are giving aid to the Cristo Redendor. Since November 2016 the food supply to the home was suspended because the company responsible for the food DID NOT receive payment from the state government for their services.

To make matters worse, the government announced a cut of 50% of the federal budget received and with this they dismissed more than 100 employees (doctors, nurses, caregivers). The government also closed the physiotherapy center, Centro Dia, where the elderly had assistance during the day and at night.
Thinking of this “horror” the state government of Rio de Janeiro is demonstration, you can give your help.

With the cut of resources of the government of Rio, the Cristo Redendor must close an infirmary station for patients in serious condition. These patients will be transferred to one of the public hospital, which is already in bankruptcy and is likely to increase the death toll of the elderly or with other words the elderly patients transferred from Cristo Redendor to the public hospitals will be just another number on the dead list.

A possible solution could be a partnership with the local municipal to avoid closing other spaces at the home. We are trying to contact the Secretary of Social Welfare in hope of reversing this situation so that the elderly can get out of this desperate situation.

So far there is now response from the government of Rio or from the municipal of Rio.


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