Short News Denmark 1402

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Short News Denmark 1402

Cybercrime is getting increasingly common in Denmark. Within the last week, it became known that hackers have invaded one of the major mobile suppliers “3” communications system and now blackmailing the company for millions.

Also, known this week is that gang members from “Black Army” has blackmailed 5 different tattoo shops in the city of Odense. Two gang members are arrested.

77-year-old Birgit Busborg haven’t showered in almost 3 weeks. The reason for this is that the staff visiting Mrs Busborg daily are not allowed to use her “bathing chair” due to work related issues. Today Mrs. Busborg is sitting in her bed in her house in the city of Gilleje. It is in her bed or in her wheelchair she spends her days after she as amputated one of her legs. Also, she has a skin disease which requires she needs to take bath often and get her skin oiled with crème as treatment for this disease.

This Wednesday its three weeks ago, Mrs. Busborg got a bath. In her bathroom is a bathing chair which is essential for her to take a bath as support. But this chair is not in use anymore since the nursing staff, that are visiting daily, are not allowed to use this chair. Mrs. Busborg needs to be covered by a special bath clothing and the siting in her special bathing chair when she takes a bath. The company Attendo that takes care of the nursing informs that due to a workplace evaluation her bathing chair cannot be use anymore due to lifting/back problems.

Now there is ordered a new chair to Mrs. Busborg, but it takes time. So far, she has to live without her three showers a week. She only gets washed where my diaper is.

As said Mrs. Busborg is suffering from a skin disease and it’s even more important that she gets her bath, because the skin crème she uses burns if the cream is sitting too long.

Attendo, that is hired by the local municipal, are saying, that nothing can be done until the new chair has arrived. Since we were told that the old bathing chair is not living up to working standard (lifting and back issues) we must wait for a new one and there is nothing that we can do. But Attendo is stating that: “Of course, Mrs. Busborg, is been washed in this period.”

The local municipal will now investigate why there is a missing chair and in the meanwhile Mrs. Busborg is still waiting and have no other words than “It’s not a comfortable situation, but it seems it can’t be different than this”.

Is this really Denmark 2017?

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