About us

Since January 2003, with the name of Clube Team America de Ciclismo, in Brazil, our company has been working with the creation, the organization and realization of sporting events. Our company have a management system, where we control the event from production of marketing items, entries of participants, photographic coverage and of course the promotion of the event itself.
We started out in the city of Salto (State of Sao Paulo) in 2003, where we have work until 2014.
Clube Team Americas de Ciclismo has worked with several areas within the sports such as athletics, basketball, football, but with our specialty cycling closest to our heart. Our business is professional, with a very well-constructed image in the sporting world, representing both small and big events.
Since the return to Denmark in 2014 we have in fact only had sight on 2015 where the second chapter of our company begins, now known as ZOOM PRODUCTIONS.
Zoom Productions is now located in Southern France where we will continue arranging events. Our mission is simple: to create, plan, organize and realize the event from the begin to the finish line, working with quality and satisfaction to our client, for the participants and for the public.
Our vision is to become even more professional, focused on sports, delivering quality to our clients in sporting events in all sizes.
We put great value in ethics, competence, transparency, commitment and resect.

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