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CRIME: Cybercrime is getting increasingly common in Denmark. Within the last week, it became known that hackers have invaded one of the major mobile suppliers “3” communications system and now blackmailing the company for millions.

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Old people suffering in Rio

How far can government, politicians, people in power go with no respect for others. Me as a dane, living 15 years i Brazil, have always seen Brazilians respecting the elderly. I would like to continue to believe so…. The only public nursing home in Rio, The Cristo Redendor, might close due to “the government do30

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Cowboys and Indians in Brazil

• 75 killings in the Metropolitan Area of Vitoria since Saturday 04/02-2017 • 200 cars stolen on Monday 06/02-2017 • 1200 soldiers are taken over the police work The Capital of the Brazilian state Esperito Santo Vitoria is living like in a western movie, with shootings and gun fighting in the streets, even with the30

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Is it safe?

I have spent 9 months in France, in Provence. I lived in a very small town called Saint Paul Lez Durance. It’s not a secret that France is in the high alert due to the terror threat. Paris and Nice are just a few of the many incidents in France. I might say, selfishly, that30

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Is indifference the new normal

Sometimes he sits bend over with he face almost touching the ground. His left hand is resting on the ground with a plastic cup in his hand. Of course with the purpose of asking people for money. Other times he sits straight up just looking ahead. His head is covered by clothing only he face30

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Clarindo – another big loss

When is enough enough? Again it happened. Another meaningless accident involving a cyclist. This Monday the 25th of January long distance cyclist, Claudio Clarindo, was hit by a sleeping driver on the road to Santos, close to the city of Bertioga. What is known about the accident is that Claudio was training together with his30

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