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7+2 Q/A with Alec

It’s all about people. With these questions, we hopefully will show that US (meaning all of us) are not that different. It’s not about politics. It’s not about war, suffering and refugees. It’s about people and with these questions we hopefully can show, that people are also good. We will talk to ordinary people, also30

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Coming 7 Q&A

. What is 7 Q&A? There are no secrets = 7 questions and answers with people for us people. With these 7 questions, we will, perhaps, get to know common people, famous people, just other people. With these questions, we might get to know these people a little better. Not that we need to know30

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What the cake did

I am not that interested in politics or for that matter haven’t sufficient knowledge to really make constructive commentary to current events. This outburst has nothing to do with the specific laws and rules, if these are right or wrong. But I believe I can shout out my right to feel offended, happy or angry30

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The situation of KMJ

I know what this person is called, but I promised not to say his name. Let’s call him KMJ. This is a real and true story from today’s Denmark. KMJ is in his late forties. He has been married for more than 15 years, but is recently divorced. KMJ is suffering from several chronic diseases.30

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Short News Denmark 1402

CRIME: Cybercrime is getting increasingly common in Denmark. Within the last week, it became known that hackers have invaded one of the major mobile suppliers “3” communications system and now blackmailing the company for millions.

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Old people suffering in Rio

How far can government, politicians, people in power go with no respect for others. Me as a dane, living 15 years i Brazil, have always seen Brazilians respecting the elderly. I would like to continue to believe so…. The only public nursing home in Rio, The Cristo Redendor, might close due to “the government do30

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